Cheap Cycling Shoe Covers For Warm And Dry Feet

There are a number of reasons why people decide to wear cycling shoe covers. One of the main reasons is to keep their feet dry and warm during a biking trip.

The other reason may not be as well known. Overshoes can actually add to your speed and if you’re a serious cycler and time your rides you might want to consider investing in a pair of covers to improve your time.

The Best Booties For Sale

There are 2 pairs for sale over at Amazon that have fantastic reviews and are quite cheap. You can’t go wrong with either the Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Mtb (designed for mountain biking) or the Pearl Izumi Select Softshell.

According to the reviews, both are easy to put on and take off, but securely stay in place during a ride. The Elite Barrier Mtb features a Kevlar binding that lines the shoes’ rims without going over the walking tread.

The neoprene Select Softshell is noted for having a lot of clearance between the bottom of the covers and the cleats. Neither of these pairs of overshoes won’t negatively impact your cycling efforts but will definitely add to them.

Keeping an eye out for sales is a great idea but these two pairs sell for an inexpensive price everyday, so if you need a pair now it’s probably not worth the wait.

For Warm and Dry Feet

Don’t let cold, wet feet discourage you from taking on the open road in any type of weather conditions. When you have good overshoes your feet will stay toasty warm and dry inside them.

Want to learn to ride safer? Check this out. How about faster? You’ll enjoy this.

If you’re not worried about your speed you can simply use these covers on cold or wet days. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry. If you don’t want to put them on at the beginning of your ride but see threatening clouds looming in the distance, just pack them up and take them along. Most are thin and made of neoprene so they are easy to roll and and stow.

If you love to ride but are having problems with your feet these are by far the best solution. As an added bonus you’ll get further faster when you’re wearing them.

How Biking Shoe Covers Can Improve Your Speed

There are 2 overriding factors that determine how much speed you can get on your bike: the wind resistance and the power you’re able to produce. As your speed increases you’ll need to overcome more and more wind drag.

They smooth out the top of your foot and cut down the amount of turbulent air that has to ride over the buckles and straps of your footwear. You could potentially shave off 30 seconds when you’re traveling a distance of 40 km by wearing overshoes.

If you’re an avid cyclist you’ll want to take advantage of of them to keep your feet dry and warm, add to your speed or for a combination of these reasons. You don’t have to put up with wet soggy shoes any longer when the rain comes down and you have nowhere to hide. Now you can continue your journey and stay in full control of your biking adventures with comfortable feet.

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