The Best Cheap Cycling Glasses Money Can Buy

How does a high quality pair of biking sunglasses for under $20 (as of August 2016) sound? How about if I told you that they look and feel like the Oakley Prizm Road Radarlock but sell for 1/10th the price without sacrificing quality.

Look at the pics below I found as part of the review on amazon. You can read the full review here.


Then watch the video below that showcases just how durable these cheap shatterproof lenses are. They weren’t kidding when the said shatterproof.

While many cyclists claim that they wear glasses to avoid the sun’s glare and to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, most cyclists wear eye protection to prevent bugs and other debris from getting in their eyes and thus slowing down their performance.

After all, avid biking enthusiasts want to increase their level of performance, and anything that gets in the way of that needs to be prevented at all costs.

The Difference Between Cycling Glasses and Regular Sunglasses

If you have a pair of regular shades sitting on your dresser they simply won’t do for even a casual ride around town.

Cycling sunglasses feature a wraparound design and they rest closer to the face. They’ll stay in place when you go over the highest bumps and when you’re facing rough terrain. If you’re wearing regular classes and you hit a bump in the road they’ll easily fly off and shatter on the ground behind you.

The frames on biking specific ones are thinner than regular ones, but at the same time they are lighter and more durable. The lenses are shatterproof and lightweight. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of tints and they’ll definitely protect your eyes from any debris, glare and UV light.

If you already own any pair of sport specific eye shields they will be just fine for riding your bike too. They’re nearly all designed to stay in place as workout without hindering your performance.

Finding the Right Fit

Some models, yes even cheap ones, come with adjustable nose pieces and arms so that you can fit them perfectly. The glasses should remain stable without slipping forward or sliding from side to side. When you wear them they should feel like a second skin and you shouldn’t even realize that you’re wearing them.

It’s a good idea to try them on at the store with your helmet to ensure the best fit.

Anti-Fogging Features

If you’re going to be doing some high-altitude mountain biking you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have this feature. Look for a pair that has an anti-fog coating on them. Even though sunglasses made these days are provided with a lot of ventilation, mist can still build up especially at higher altitudes or when you need to stop.

Getting The Best Price

You’ll find a wide variety of prices for cycling glasses and you may be surprised to see just how costly the high-end sport ones can be, especially if you want to have one of the more popular brands like Oakley or Rudy. Those won’t come cheap at all.

In terms of quality, the difference will usually be in the lenses. Top-of-the-line eye shields offer better optics with a higher level of clarity. You’ll also find that some of the high cost performance eyewear provide more options for adjustments, lighter frames and better carrying cases.

There are some bikers that prefer to ride without any eye protection – even during torrential downpours. For some people cheap cycling sunglasses are a distraction and slow down their ride. They somehow have a knack for avoiding flying bugs and debris and seldom have to stop to clear their eyes.

Most wouldn’t consider a ride without proper eye protection. If you fall into this category, make sure that you find a high quality pair of eye shields with that fit properly, look awesome on you, and filter the the suns UVA and UVB rays.

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