How To Check Your Chain For Wear Before You Ruin The Drivetrain

If you can hear your bikes chain clanging every time you attempt to peddle, you know that it’s time to replace it. Actually, at this point it’s stretched so far that it should have been replaced long ago. That thing is going to fall off any second if it hasn’t already.

Speaking of falling, you might find these tips helpful.

Grinding and clanking are indications that damage may have already caused damage to your drivetrain. In order to keep your bicycle in pristine condition, you’re going to have to do a manual check from time to time before any obnoxious noises can be heard.

Avoiding Damage

Stretched links will wear out the cassettes and the rings as well. Also, the small sprockets will suffer a lot of wear and tear since they won’t have enough teeth to help spread out the load.

The sprockets and the rings will tend to match the shape of the chain. As it starts to stretch, the gaps on the sprockets and rings also start to become bigger. This is why it’s so important to do this routine maintenance before the other parts start to “wear in”.

Check It With A Tool

There is a tool available that you can use to easily check for too much stretch. You simply have to insert the pins of the tool between the links to measure bike chain stretch. A reading will be displayed that can be compared to the numbers or colors listed on the tool. If it’s worn, you’ll know immediately that it’s time to head to the bike shop for a replacement.

Or Check It Manually

This is easy enough to do if you don’t have the tool available.

Make sure that your chain is sitting in the big ring of your bike and the cassette’s smallest gear. Begin to pull on one of the links near the front, if it starts to lift off the bottom or the top of the ring teeth you’ll know that wear is starting to occur.

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If you’re able to lift it off the ring it can no longer properly sit in the teeth.

When to Replace Your Bike Chain

If you have a tool it will tell you when signs of stretch are getting severe enough to warrant a replacement.

If you are doing it manually, you’ll need to replace it as soon as you see a lift occurring. These are the early stages of stretch and as fixing it quickly is prudent. As long as you make the replacement promptly you can avoid more damage.

By doing this test just a couple times a season, and then replacing when required, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on your setup. You’ll be protecting your drivetrain so that you can enjoy the sport of biking uninterrupted.

A faulty drivetrain can be so expensive to fix that many bikers will completely scrap their rides.They simply choose to buy a new bike when they get a devastating drivetrain diagnosis. I’d rather be able to sepnd that money on a new pair of sunglasses or new drop handle bars so I can get into positions to ride faster.

Need even more gear? How about some spin class shoes or a pair of padded gloves.